JOB Evolution Nonprofit LTD.

Partner on the road of career

The aim set by Job Evolution Nonprofit Ltd.  is to contribute to the more efficient operation the labour market, along with the JOB GPS programme and clubs that we developed. We have a bilateral knowledge about the labour market, as we know  well both the side of the employee and the employer – being aware of these information, we join the two sides as a bridge.We feel responsible towards the employees, so therefore – as a social engagement – we operate a job club and a Mum Career club.With our clubs, our aim os to help job seekersin the process of looking for a job, and mums to return into the workld of work.

Whether we speak about the dismissal of one person or a team lay-off, the closure of a plant, returning young mothers or young career starters, we stand by our clients.

Our motto is :„Give fish to the hungry and you will save him/her from the death for that day.Teach him how to fish, and he will be full for all his life, and heither him, nor his family will ever be in need for anything.”, because we provide not only an employment opportunity but we also teach  you to build up yourself, to find your career way and to apply the latest job seeking techniques ”

For the employer:
Have you ever felt that it was hard to communicate dismissals and layoffs?
Have you ever happened to get into litigation due to a dismissal that caused a bad reputation for your company?
Perhaps that why it is harder for you to find and keep a good employee?
Does it mean a problem for you to reintegrate young mothers into work?
Have your ever thought about causing a crisis for the person dismissed and would you like to help about that?
Would you be satisfied if your outplacement programme could reach a 78% reemployment within 6 months?

For the employees:
Did you know that the average time of getting into employment is 18 months in Hungary?
Have you ever experienced that the success of looking for a job does not only depend on having a good CV?
Have you ever felt that the support of a professional would mean a huge help for you in this process?
Did you know that 62% of the companies struggles from the lack of applicants, while 39% of them does not find the appropriate professional?
Would you like to help your child in choosing a conscious way of career?


If there are any questions among the above for which your answer is yes,  then we can help you! Our professional team consists of ten advisors and ten mentors, and among the members we can find a psychologist, a labour market professional, a labour lawyer, a financial expert, a  HR advisor and a career coach.

Our services:

For employers:

  • Individual and team outplacement
  • Young mother programme
  • Life career camp for the children of employees

For employees:

  • JOB GPS individual career programme
  • JOB Club, Mothers Career Club
  • Career support for career starters

Hungarian Telekom Plc.: Caring outplacement has been done by our company ever since January 2012. Int he framework of Chance Programme (Esély Program) we have been working together with 150-400 people. The employees involved get personalized, individual career coaching support. The satisfaction level of our service os 98%, while the level of getting into employment within 6 months is 78%.

Douwe Egberts Hungary Ltd.: In the framework of managing palnt closure, we managed the handling of the dismissal of 183 person (phisical workers, brain workers, management) from June 2014 to March 2015. Getting into employment was aggravated by several factors: the age group, the special fields, the number of working years. In spite of all these, our employment rate was 30% within 4 months, and was 73,5% within 8 month.

Outplacement programme of an employee staying in a key position: It is a particularity of the project that after having decided about the dismissal, we supported the employee in the field of management, labour law and organisation development in order to facilitate that the employment relationship ends amng peaceful conditions. The programme of the employee dismissed started only after this. We managed to close the project successfully, without litigation – satisfying both of the parties involved.